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The Strategy

WE have been constantly increasing and expanding our domains set for more then a year in order to reach every audience, and they are continuously renewed and refreshed in order to rely only on domains with good reputation which have been blacklisted or reported in any negative way.

Thanks to special deals we have with hosting companies and domain registers, we can count on thousands of domains used to gather traffic to be sent on your website according to its category.

When we receive your order, we include your website in a category and it will be picked up when a visitor lands on one of these domains which match the related set of keywords.

It would be incorrect to say it is targeted traffic since in order to keep costs low, each category must hold hundreds of websites. However it would be unfair to say it is not targeted at all.

About the Service

We are a small but passionate team on the internet enthusiasts who have been working really hard in the last few years to research and develop new and innovative strategies for web solutions, with particular attention to website owners and internet marketers.

We will take care of your order and do our best to ensure that only quality traffic will reach your contents but this is not enough for us: you will always benefit from our extensive support in case of any problems.



How many visitors should I expect ? For how long ?

The average is 80 visitors per day, but we are currently delivering more then 100, according to the daily trends of online people.


What kind of website can I promote , and which ones are not allowed ?

Although you are entitled to promote websites on almost any topic and content ( affiliations, CPA offers, blogs etc ) some restrictions are applied and you cannot submit. :

Pages automatically downloading any type of file without visitor consent

Pages or websites that don’t adhere to legal international regulations

No malwares ( sorry to state the obvious, but some really do put malware on their websites to infect visitors. If it happens will cancel the campaign.

If you are not sure whether your website can be promoted or if it contains invalid content, feel free to send me a message at Kevin@webirl.com with the URL and I will be happy to check it for you.

If you submit a Facebook page you won’t be able to track visitors who aren’t logged in the Facebook network while accessing your page.


Can I promote an Adult Website

Adult websites are allowed as long as they abide by legal regulations for adult content websites.


What kind of Traffic am I going to Receive ? Is you traffic safe to use with Adsense ?

All visitors sent by Web Ireland are 100% human. You will never receive traffic from Bots, proxies or any other kind of fake hits, people can see your site more them once, but this campaign will only consider the unique visitors.

The traffic will be direct ( without referrer ) in order to ensure the maximum level of compatibility with affiliations and advertising services, that’s why it is totally safe to use with Adsense or any other advertising network you may host on your website.


How much time is required for the campaign to get started ? When am I going to see results ?  

Depending on how many order we are dealing with the majority will be started within 48 hours

You will receive the delivery notification with all the information when the campaign is activated.


How do I track the visitors ? Do you provide any proof ?

On activation you will be given a shorter link with tracking features which will be used by this service in order for you to keep track of the visits which is sent by ourselves here at web Ireland


What are the visitors going to see ? Will they interact with my page ?

Visitors will be free to browse your website without limitations , no frames or any other annoying banners are displayed. Conversions, Sales or Leads may be possible but they are not guaranteed, due to the nature of the promotion.


Can I order multiple times for the same website ? Will I get more traffic ?

Ordering this more then once for the same website will only extend its duration.


Can I submit multiple links for the same website in one order ? 

No, you can promote only one link per order. If you need to promote internal links, each one requires a different order.


I want to promote a large quantity of links, do you offer discounts ?

Of course we do please send me a mail to kevin@webirl.com describing the nature of your request and we will propose you with discounts and special offers available.


Can I order for more then 30 Days, or for a whole year ?

Absolutely ! Just let me know how long you want it to run for and we will accommodate for your needs.


I need to pause the campaign, or to change the website , is this possible ?

Yes, it is possible for a reasonable amount of times, just let me know and we will take care of your request. When you pause a campaign, days will be held until it will be enabled again.


My tracker is not showing any visits, or its showing a different amount then the tracker link you provided ?

Before contacting us about this matter please make sure that :

Analytics of the tracker you are using is properly installed

You include trackers javascript code in the page you submitted, and that tracking for sub pages is enabled

Your website is loading fast enough to not interfere with tracking

( When requesting support, please attach a few screenshots of your tracker , full page view in order for us to better understand the issue and help you faster )


I see a high bounce rate, and the visitors seem to spend less then a minute on the website

The bounce rate issue is down to analytics not being fully able to properly track direct traffic together with the cookie used from our domain registrars to know when a domain is used (and charge us for the service) without being invasive, in fact, Analytics starts recording the visit after about a minute the visitor is on the page, and this generates the high bounce rate you may experience.

It doesn’t affect your website though, and we quote directly from Google forums :

Google have publicly stated that they don’t use your sire-specific GA metrics to influence organic search rankings. E.g they’re not taking data from your GA profile, and feeding that to the search Quality team to determine if your site should rank better or worse. They have many better ways to accurately track anonymous user interactions with sites at scale (e.g. Chrome)


I’m not getting any sales or conversions !

We work very hard to provide you with the best quality traffic we can, but visitor actions can’t be controlled, therefore clicks, conversions or sales cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Real businesses grow on patience and time, and we will help you increase your chances of sales by sending real people on your page.


Hints & Advise

Make your website load faster :

If you published a lot of content in the main page you may want to optimise it with these small tips :

  1. Organise your articles in sections and limit their display to 4-5 page
  2. Don’t embed more then one video on the page, put a link with a captive description instead.
  3. Optimise your images for the web by reducing the DPI or using thumbnails.
  4. Organise your images in gallery sections.
  5. Use a clean code as much as you can.


Installing Google Analytics to track your visitors

The best way to track your visitors is by using Google Analytics at this address


You can find help and tutorials right from Googles support pages :